Master SoapMaker

La Manufacture en Provence Marseille liquid soaps and shower gels are made respectfully to the traditional cosmetics' recipes. 

Our Master soapmaker is titular of a very old know-how, and he manufactures our liquid soaps and shower gels following the craft method transmitted all over the centuries. 

Only made with vegetable oils and without any sulfate, our French milled liquid soaps, and shower gels  contains a very high amount of natural adn organic strictly selected.

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Our vegetables oils are cooked in a cauldro
n as the traditional method.

Thanks to a slow dilution of the soap, our liquid soaps of Marseille and shower gels are soft, smooth and endowed with a strong cleaning and nourishing power to bring you all benefactions.

Our saponification in the former gets for our products of hygiéne a big quantity of natural glycerin for a big user-friendliness.

La Manufacture en Provence is thus the result of a traditionel mélé knowledge in a constant innovation to offer you the best of products to come along to the everyday life.