Our commitments 

By choosing to work following craft method, we wish to promote some forgotten know-how.

This focus is for us the opportunity to offer authentic products withtout any fake claims. 
This authenticity is also proved by our choice to use no chemical products to increase foaming power of our products.
Every soaps and shower gels we made are guaranteed without any sulfate surfactants.

In order to prove our will to use ntaural ingredients, we made the choice to suscribe to ECOCERT referential, which supervise the manufacturing of organic products.
We also engage us to respect COSMEBIO Nous nous engageons également au respect de la charte Cosmébio' charter..
Our Marseille liquid soaps and shower gels are made with a minimum of 99% of natural ingredients.

To promote craft manufacturing, we offer only "Made in France" products. 
It's also for the insurance to always control our products' and ingrdients' quality, while assuring a support for local economy. 

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